Let’s study in Padua!

31 Maggio 2023 Associazione Alumni_admin Categories news

A great chance to learn more about Padua University’s educational opportunities for international students. 

The event “Invest in your future, get a degree @ Padua University” was held May 30, 2023 at the Consulate General of Italy in New York.
Close to 60 participants including young college studentsparentsprofessors, college counselorsentrepreneurs as well as alumni of our University got together to learn more about Padova University’s master and undergraduate degree programs.


The event opened with welcoming remarks from Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele who highlighted the growing trend of foreign students in Italy.
He then went through some anecdotes about the history of the University of Padua mentioning some distinguished students such as Galileo, Ugo Foscolo, and Elena Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman to graduate in the world.

Next, Beatrice De Bacco, alumna and advisor of the Alumni Association Unipd, talked about the value and the importance of the Alumni Association’s network and how being part of it enriches professional and educational opportunities.
Beatrice also expressed her strong spirit of belonging and of gratitude to the University of Padua.

Professor Silvia Ferrari stressed the importance of being global and not rooted, of cultivating knowledge without limits.
The New York Alumni Unipd Chapter works hard on communicating the brand well, making it known and talked about.

Next, the floor was turned over to our outstanding alumni Matteo DanielettoAnnachiara FavrettoLaura Segafredo and Andrea Zambolin, who talked about their professional and educational experiences. 
The values that they evoked such as the rigor of teaching accompanied by open spirit free of preconceptions, the importance of always putting oneself on track and turning small defeats into challenges and opportunities, the spirits of brotherhood and integration, and pragmatism applied to concrete facts.

Representatives from the University’s International relations office, Dora Longoni, Mattia Gusella and Alessandra Gallerano, stimulated questions from the younger part of the audience regarding admission criteriatuition fees and scholarships.

The initiative ended with a networking cocktail that offered to the audience a chance to ask more questions about courses and the University of Padua.
It was also an opportunity to consolidate ideas and new proposals for the future of the New York Alumni Chapter.

We thank all participants and see you next time!

A great chance to learn more about Padua University’s educational opportunities for international students.