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When attitude meets passion, magic takes place or better, chemistry.

Elisa Zoccarato, alumna Unipd, founder of Farmaconsulenze.com, in ur guest for Alumni Talks series aims, webinar appointments to support current students and graduates in dealing more effectively with the professional challenges that await them.

Join “ALCHEMY OF PASSIONS.” to get to the heart of the growth of a startup

From idea to communication plan: how to make your startup known?


April 16 at 3 p.m. on Zoom platform

45 minutes of anecdotes, testimonials, and tips on the process of conceiving Farmaconsulenze.com and how to publicize a newly born business idea.

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The speaker: Elisa Zoccarato

I’m Elisa Zoccarato, born in 1983, mother of two girls, pharmacist, entrepreneur.

As a child I used to experiment making potions and healing remedies, I think that was the first expression of my passion for pharmacy.

During the next years I kept on cultivating my passion for science topics together with the love for classical culture; the high school was literally my stage, in fact it gave me the opportunity to experiment theater which deeply influenced my dispositions and temperament.

After high school I attended the faculty of Pharmacy at Padua University while working developing the marketing of my family’s construction business; thanks to the conjunction of all of these different experiences I understood that business management really suited my abilities, so what was I supposed to do to put it all together?

I immediately started to look for courses or Master degrees that could meet my inclinations but, at the time, there was nothing specific to my job sector, so I started to train as self-taught working in the local pharmacy for free.

Those experience were crucial to built those constructive paths that, after the degree, brought me to deepen and understand what were the real needs of my category and made me become an entrepreneur thanks to Farmaconsulenze.com, a marketplace dedicated to pharmacists and all those who find in the role of the pharmacist a fundamental reference point.

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